Experience: Hawaiʻi Life Histories

A public program and podcast series providing a sense of shared legacy for our island community by highlighting stories about Hawaiʻi lifeways, key historic events, social movements, and our role in a globalizing world. Featuring excerpts from our archive of over 800 interviews of Hawaiʻi women and men, this series was the first step in making these oral histories more accessible to our communities with the support by a grant from the Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities and in partnership with Hawaiʻi Public Radio.


Ka Poʻe Kau Lei: Hawaiʻi’s Lei Sellers Now & Then

About lei sellers from the boat days down at the pier through the grass shacks and now lei stands at the airport – inspirational … Read more


Hawaiʻi’s Shopkeepers: From the Plantation to ABC

About Pāʻia and Puʻunēnē, Maui, plantation store owners from the 30s-40s, and the success of Sidney Kosasa who founded ABC stores – inspirational personal … Read more

Waipiʻo & Bishop Museum: Committing to a Legacy

About life in Waipiʻo Valley through the early 70s – inspirational personal stories, in their own voices, from the Center for Oral History archive. … Read more


Women at Work: Pineapples & Unions

The lives of women who worked in the pineapple industry in the 30’s through the 60’s. Insights on why women went to work and … Read more


Waikīkī: Restoring the Waters

The abundant marine life – limu, crabs, fish – of Waikīkī fed by ponds and springs before the Ala Wai Canal was built – … Read more


Survivors of the 1946 Tsunami

The struggle to escape a massive deadly tidal wave and live to pick up the pieces of broken houses and shattered communities – a … Read more