Historic Kōloa Today

Podcast Like other plantation communities, Kōloa’s sugar production and plantation camps have no faded into memory, but the diverse cultures they brought together still … Read more


Memories and Futures of Waialua

Podcast As plantations began to phase out in Hawaiʻi, these oral histories were collected to document the way of life in our plantation and … Read more


Hawaiʻi’s Shopkeepers: From the Plantation to ABC

About Pāʻia and Puʻunēnē, Maui, plantation store owners from the 30s-40s, and the success of Sidney Kosasa who founded ABC stores – inspirational personal … Read more

Communities, Plantation

Pioneer Mill Company: A Maui Sugar Plantation Legacy

Eighteen former workers and residents of Pioneer Mill Company on Maui comment on such topics as childhood activities, family dynamics, camp housing, plantation employment, … Read more

Communities, Plantation

The Closing of Sugar Plantations: Interviews with Families of Hamakua and Kaʻu, Hawaiʻi

These are life history interviews conducted with displaced Hamakua Sugar Company and Ka‘u Agribusiness Company workers and their families. The workers or their spouses … Read more

Communities, Plantation

Koloa: An Oral History of a Kaua‘i Community

Thirty-three residents describe life, past and present, in Koloa, the site of the first commercial sugar plantation in Hawai‘i. September 1988, 1518 pages, 3 volumes, … Read more

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A Social History of Kona

The changing lifestyles of Kona (at one time the largest community in Hawai‘i outside of the sugar plantation system, and the only area in … Read more

Occupations, Plantation

Stores and Storekeepers of Pa‘ia and Pu‘unene, Maui

Individuals directly involved with stores serving the sugar plantation communities of Pa‘ia and Pu‘unene recall the social and economic roles these stores played and … Read more

Historical Events, Plantation

The 1924 Filipino Strike on Kaua‘i

The bloodiest confrontation in Hawai‘i labor history cost the lives of sixteen Filipino strikers and four Hawaiian policemen at Hanapepe, Kaua‘i on September 9, … Read more

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Waialua and Hale‘iwa: The People Tell Their Story

The histories of Waialua, one of O‘ahu’s few remaining sugar plantations, and Hale‘iwa, a neighboring town, as told by Caucasian, Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, … Read more