Weaving Voices: Connecting Communities through Hawaiʻi Life Stories

We return with a second series of public events and podcasts exploring communities in transition by weaving together voices from oral history recordings together with voices from today. In this powerful shared space, we listen, remember, laugh, cry, and carry forward lessons of resilience and ingenuity, connecting past, present, and futures.


Historic Kōloa Today

Podcast Like other plantation communities, Kōloa’s sugar production and plantation camps have no faded into memory, but the diverse cultures they brought together still … Read more

Visionary Women in Politics and Education

Podcast As educators, women have played a leading role in shaping the minds of the youth of our nation. For some, teaching has led … Read more


Memories and Futures of Waialua

Podcast As plantations began to phase out in Hawaiʻi, these oral histories were collected to document the way of life in our plantation and … Read more

Stopped the Bombing 30th Anniversary Kahoʻolawe Aloha ʻĀina

Podcast On October 22, 1990, President George H.W. Bush ordered the Secretary of Defense to stop bombing Kahoʻolawe. First generation oral histories on the … Read more

Looking to Our Past for New Political Visions

Podcast In this episode, we continue to explore communities in transition, by using oral histories to revisit the era of economic change from plantations … Read more


Pālama Settlement

“This opportunity changed lives for young people.” A place for kids to go. Meals and hot showers. Community services. From its beginnings, Pālama Settlement … Read more