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Kona Heritage Stores

The Kona Heritage Stores Oral History Project documents the history of general stores in Kona Mauka. August 2006, 508 pages, 1 volume (.pdf), photographs. Browse … Read more


The Oroku, Okinawa Connection: Local-Style Restaurants in Hawai‘i

With ancestral roots in Oroku, Okinawa, first-, second-, and third-generation participants/observers of family-run restaurants talk about their lives in the restaurant business. February 2004, 429 … Read more

Lei, Occupations

Ka Po‘e Kau Lei: An Oral History of Hawai‘i’s Lei Sellers

Eleven long-time lei sellers share their experiences on lei making; lei selling on downtown sidewalks, the waterfront, and at the airport; tourism growth; and … Read more

Occupations, Plantation

Stores and Storekeepers of Pa‘ia and Pu‘unene, Maui

Individuals directly involved with stores serving the sugar plantation communities of Pa‘ia and Pu‘unene recall the social and economic roles these stores played and … Read more

Occupations, Pineapple

Women Workers in Hawai‘i’s Pineapple Industry

Sixteen women field and cannery workers recall their daily work experiences in the pineapple industry and also talk about their domestic lives. June 1979, 1089 … Read more