Oral History Transcripts

These are published transcripts of interviews conducted by the Center for Oral History, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. People are welcome to utilize short excerpts from any of the transcripts without obtaining permission, as long as proper credit is given to the interviewee, the interviewer, and the Center for Oral History, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Permission must be obtained from the Center for Oral History before making more extensive use of the transcription and related materials. Browse the Oral History Transcripts archive at ScholarSpace, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Historical Events

Unspoken Memories: Oral Histories of Hawai‘i Internees at Jerome, Arkansas

Fifteen interviewees, ranging in age from seventy-two to eighty-eight, are interviewed about their families’ wartime and early postwar experiences. March 2014, 604 pages, 1 volume, … Read more

Historical Events, World War II

Captive on the U.S. Mainland: Oral Histories of Hawai‘i-born Nisei

Ten Hawai‘i-born Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in assembly and war relocation centers during World War II share their experiences. April 2012, 1807 pages, 1 … Read more


Kona Heritage Stores

The Kona Heritage Stores Oral History Project documents the history of general stores in Kona Mauka. August 2006, 508 pages, 1 volume (.pdf), photographs. Browse … Read more

Historical Events

Hui Panala‘au: Hawaiian Colonists in the Pacific, 1935–1942

Interviews with eight men who occupied the isolated Line Islands in the South Pacific in the late 1930s and early 1940s in order to … Read more


The Oroku, Okinawa Connection: Local-Style Restaurants in Hawai‘i

With ancestral roots in Oroku, Okinawa, first-, second-, and third-generation participants/observers of family-run restaurants talk about their lives in the restaurant business. February 2004, 429 … Read more

Individual Lives

An Oral History of Sidney Kosasa

Entrepreneur Sidney Kosasa, founder of ABC Stores, recalls his family, education, internment camp experience, pharmacy career, and drug and sundries retail businesses. February 2004, 123 … Read more

Communities, Plantation

Pioneer Mill Company: A Maui Sugar Plantation Legacy

Eighteen former workers and residents of Pioneer Mill Company on Maui comment on such topics as childhood activities, family dynamics, camp housing, plantation employment, … Read more

Historical Events, Tsunami

Tsunamis in Maui County: Oral Histories

Interviews with Maui and Moloka‘i residents were conducted in 1999 by the Pacific Tsunami Museum to collect the stories of tsunami survivors and to … Read more

Individual Lives

An Oral History of Robert Richards Midkiff

Business leader and community builder Robert Richards Midkiff talks about his family, education, military service, business career, and community work. Appended to his interview … Read more

Historical Events, Tsunami

Tsunamis Remembered: Oral Histories of Survivors and Observers in Hawai‘i

Thirty individuals, mainly residents of Hilo and Laupahoehoe, recall their experiences before, during, and after the destructive 1946 and 1960 tsunamis. April 2000, 980 pages, … Read more

Individual Lives

I‘i/Brown Family: Oral Histories

Members of the I‘i/Brown family discuss social/historical changes observed at the family property at Waipi‘o, O‘ahu, as well as their early childhood, schooling, family … Read more

Communities, Palama

Reflections of Palama Settlement

Twenty-nine individuals recall their life experiences and articulate the significance the Palama Settlement has had for themselves, Palama residents, and others. August 1998, 852 pages, … Read more

Communities, Plantation

The Closing of Sugar Plantations: Interviews with Families of Hamakua and Kaʻu, Hawaiʻi

These are life history interviews conducted with displaced Hamakua Sugar Company and Ka‘u Agribusiness Company workers and their families. The workers or their spouses … Read more


Hawai‘i Political History Documentation Project

Forty-two former office holders, aides, appointees, party organizers, union officials, lobbyists, and political observers share their perspectives on territorial and state politics. June 1996, 1618 … Read more

Historical Events, World War II

An Era of Change: Oral Histories of Civilians in World War II Hawai‘i

Thirty-three civilians — reflecting Hawai‘i’s diverse occupations, lifestyles, and ethnicities — talk about World War II and how it affected their everyday lives. April 1994, … Read more


Public Education in Hawai‘i: Oral Histories

Former administrators and teachers discuss their backgrounds, training, careers, and educational philosophies, practices, and attitudes. September 1991, 612 pages, 2 volumes, photographs. Browse full transcripts … Read more


‘Ualapu‘e, Moloka‘i: Oral Histories from the East End

Thirteen interviewees talk about the ‘Ualapu‘e Fishpond project, the historical and cultural role of fishponds, and everyday life on East End, Moloka‘i. June 1991, 576 … Read more


The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts: An Oral History

SFCA executive directors, staff and commissioners, arts educators, and others talk about the origins and growth of the agency, its early goals and achievements, … Read more

Ethnic Groups

Oral Histories of African Americans

Three women and seven men discuss family life, education, employment, segregation, racial violence, community life, political activities, and experiences in Hawai‘i. December 1990, 406 pages, … Read more


Lana‘i Ranch: The People of Ko‘ele and Keomuku

Detailed descriptions of the daily lives of cowboys, their spouses and children, and other ranch residents. July 1989, 934 pages, 2 volumes, photographs. Browse full … Read more

Communities, Plantation

Koloa: An Oral History of a Kaua‘i Community

Thirty-three residents describe life, past and present, in Koloa, the site of the first commercial sugar plantation in Hawai‘i. September 1988, 1518 pages, 3 volumes, … Read more

Lei, Occupations

Ka Po‘e Kau Lei: An Oral History of Hawai‘i’s Lei Sellers

Eleven long-time lei sellers share their experiences on lei making; lei selling on downtown sidewalks, the waterfront, and at the airport; tourism growth; and … Read more

Historical Events

Perspectives on Hawai‘i’s Statehood

Nine political leaders, aides, observers, and scholars discuss Hawai‘i’s statehood movement and the socio-political issues of post-World War II America which influenced it. June 1986, … Read more

Communities, Waikiki

Waikiki, 1910–1985: Oral Histories

Study of a community’s transformation from taro fields, duck ponds, and bungalows to nightclubs, curio shops, and towering hotels, as observed by fifty long-time … Read more


Kalihi: Place of Transition

In this community-focused project, long-time residents talk about their experiences in Kalihi, a multi-ethnic working-class area of O‘ahu. June 1984, 1120 pages, 3 volumes, photographs. … Read more

Individual Lives

Five Life Histories

Personal experiences and historical events are recalled by five individuals of diverse backgrounds. June 1983, 279 pages, 1 volume, photographs. Browse full transcripts on ScholarSpace, … Read more

Ethnic Groups

Uchinanchu: A History of Okinawans in Hawai‘i

The development of the Okinawan community in Hawai‘i is chronicled in articles and essays. Highlighted are life history narratives based on oral history interviews … Read more

Communities, Plantation

A Social History of Kona

The changing lifestyles of Kona (at one time the largest community in Hawai‘i outside of the sugar plantation system, and the only area in … Read more

Occupations, Plantation

Stores and Storekeepers of Pa‘ia and Pu‘unene, Maui

Individuals directly involved with stores serving the sugar plantation communities of Pa‘ia and Pu‘unene recall the social and economic roles these stores played and … Read more

Historical Events, Plantation

The 1924 Filipino Strike on Kaua‘i

The bloodiest confrontation in Hawai‘i labor history cost the lives of sixteen Filipino strikers and four Hawaiian policemen at Hanapepe, Kaua‘i on September 9, … Read more

Occupations, Pineapple

Women Workers in Hawai‘i’s Pineapple Industry

Sixteen women field and cannery workers recall their daily work experiences in the pineapple industry and also talk about their domestic lives. June 1979, 1089 … Read more


Waipi‘o: Mano Wai (Source of Life)

Old-timers recall taro farming and daily life in this remote Big Island valley and talk about the many changes that occurred in the first … Read more


Remembering Kaka‘ako: 1910–1950

A controversial area undergoing redevelopment, Kaka‘ako was once known as the toughest district in Honolulu. Twenty-six former residents discuss sports, community organizations, and the … Read more

Ethnic Groups

Life Histories of Native Hawaiians

Nine individuals of Hawaiian ancestry, including a musician, nurse, entertainer, seaman, road worker, recreation organizer, cowboy, and schoolteachers, talk about their childhood experiences, cultural … Read more

Communities, Plantation

Waialua and Hale‘iwa: The People Tell Their Story

The histories of Waialua, one of O‘ahu’s few remaining sugar plantations, and Hale‘iwa, a neighboring town, as told by Caucasian, Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, … Read more